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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get help for myself or someone I know?

Simply contact the NeighbourLink office at (519) 352-5647 and we'll try to connect the individual in need with a volunteer.

Do I have to go to church for NeighbourLink to help me?

No. We help whoever we can regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. All people, regardless of station in life, are God's image-bearers.

Do you duplicate services provided by other agencies?

Our goal is to meet needs that are not currently being met by other agencies in the community. To learn more about the agencies we work with, visit our About page.

Who are your volunteers?

Our volunteers are primarily members of our partner churches who want to serve the community.

Why should we be a NeighbourLink supporting church?

It's wonderful to see so many churches with a heart to help the less fortunate in our community. NeighbourLink assists these churches in their good intentions by:

     • lessening the strain on any one church as the network of churches work together to meet needs

     • providing a more cost-effective approach to ministry by sharing resources and utilizing volunteers to meet needs;

       our conviction is that we can do far more together than we can do alone​

     • identifying unmet needs or gaps in community services and informing churches of new opportunities for ministry

     • helping church members put their faith into action as they serve low-income people in practical ways

There are over 2,000 Bible verses that address poverty and justice. People matter to God and therefore they should matter to Christ's Church.​

Do you preach to the people with whom you have contact?

Our desire is to be "servants to all." Often individuals living with poverty are oppressed by more powerful people and frequently from a young age. We want to empower those we work with, not appear to be one more person with an agenda for their lives. Therefore, how much talk happens about the spiritual dimension of life is up to those we serve.

Can I get an income tax receipt for my donation?

Yes, NeighbourLink is a registered Canadian charity (charity number: 84855 5769 RR 0001). NeighbourLink Chatham-Kent is also an affiliate member of the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities.

Aren't there a lot of people who abuse the system and take advantage of charity?

The NeighbourLink office has more time and experience to be able to verify that each request for assistance is legitimate. Of course, it's not always possible to determine that, but we do our best to be good stewards of the resources entrusted to us.

Doesn't the charitable giving of well-meaning people often create dependency in the recipients?

Our goal is to empower the people we assist in order that they may ultimately achieve a better life. This involves helping people take responsibility for their lives as a way of restoring their personal dignity. Our WrapAround program is specifically designed to this end. 

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